About us

We are more than a preschool – we don't just prepare our children for their first grade entrance, we prepare them for their future! We are an accredited preschool, registered by the Ministry of education, youth and sports. The children at our school stay with us even until the last year which prepares them for elementary school. The children are educated with a unique czech and english program. We believe that a safe and friendly environment filled with love is the key ingredient for a child's healthy development. That is why we put such a big emphasis on an individual approach for children and we make sure that the Preschool suits all their needs. Our classrooms are bright and spacious – an ideal environment for playing and learning. We have a large garden with a playground and a big trampoline. Moreover, there are a few garden beds in the garden where we grow flowers, vegetables, and strawberries which encourages children’s responsible relationship with nature.

During the educational process, we focus on the optimal balance between traditional educational tools such as art, music and theatre lessons and modern technologies. Our children learn English in the most natural way – by playing and talking with our native speakers. Balanced and varied meals are fundamental to us so we make sure the food we serve is fresh and that there is always enough fruit and vegetables.

Why choose Třebešín language preschool?

Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
A unique Czech-English educational program
Parents are our colleagues
Bilingual schooling, CZ-EN
Native English speakers
Professional teachers
Use of modern educational technologies
Large garden and outdoor space
Various hobby clubs
Regular excursions and field trips
Events for parents and children

Our day

08:00 — 08:30
Children arrive, free play
08:30 — 08:45
Community circle
08:45 — 09:00
Morning exercise
09:00 — 09:15
Morning snack
09:15 — 10:00
Educational activities
10:00 — 12:00
Staying outside
12:00 — 12:30
12:30 — 12:45
12:30 — 13:00
Picking up children after lunch
12:30 — 14:30
Sleep, relaxation, reading, free play
13:45 — 14:30
Preschool preparation
15:00 — 15:15
Afternoon snack
15:00 — 15:45
Afternoon activities, hobby clubs
16:00 — 17:30
Staying outside, free play
15:15 — 17:30
Picking up children in the afternoon
End of opening hours

Hobby clubs

Afternoon Activities and Clubs are held regularly each day between 15:00-16:00. The length of the class is adapted to the age of the child. Activites and Club overview

Art club

In our art club, children learn all kinds of different techniques such as: tempera painting, drawing with ink and charcoal, sketching, and using soft pastels and oil pastels. Children learn how to express themselves creatively and use their imaginations. Art club helps children develop their skills in: the imagination faculty, fantasy and how to focus while using art medium. Children learn to think fearlessly about their original ideas and how to create spontaneously.

Sport club

This club is organized and prepared in a way that children learn how to love sports though the following types of exercise: stretching, movement games, core strengthening moves, running, and various coordination exercises. The sport club also includes yoga where the children learn new asanas, breathing techniques, and mediation.

The German club

The German club aims to convey the basics of the German language and its use in communication. All learning activities are carried out with ease and fun. The most common are didactic games, which are the most natural for children. German thus joins the two languages in our kindergarten.

Cooking club

At the Cooking club, the children will become young chefs. They will learn how to prepare simple, healthy snacks and dishes that they can eat on the spot or take home proudly to their parents. The children will learn how to prepare dishes such as peppers filled with cheese and herbs, vegetable sandwiches, chocolate truffles, and other delicacies.

Singing club

We have prepared quite a diversified musical repertoire for our children which contains both folk and modern songs. At this club, the children will also try various respiratory and rhythmical exercises.

Communication with parents

For us, parents are the most important partners in a child's education process. That is why we inform them regularly about all the things that are happening in the Preschool via e-mail or a special app (ClassDojo). Naturally, the parents also receive information about their child's progress and are given available dates for individual consultations with the teachers.

Monthly we send out:

  • The Educational plan
  • Evaluation of the past period
  • Information about changes in the schedule, if there are any
  • Information about planned activities and field trips

Annually we send out:

  • School Year Calendar
  • Twice a year we send reports on the child’s progress

We're part of...

European Union

Our project “Improving and supporting work with preschool and nursery children” was co-founded by the European Union.

ClassDojo is an app that makes the communication between parents and teachers much more efficient.

Třebešín language preschool is part of the project called “The whole Czechia reads to children” (Celé Česko čte dětem). Every day, we read aloud to children and we encourage parents to read to them at home as well.

Truly Healthy Preschool (Skutečně zdravá škola) is a comprehensive programme for high-quality and sustainable eating at schools in addition to food education.

Třebešín language preschool has been recognized by the Czech Ministry of Education since 2015.

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots is a worldwide programme for active individuals or groups of people that want to change the world or just their surroundings.

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