Monthly tuition

From 2 years to 6 years including meal:


3x a week4x a week5x a week

Half day

CZK 15.000CZK 16.000CZK 17.000

Whole day

CZK 18.000CZK 19.000CZK 20.000

The tuition includes:

meals, including drinking regime according to attendance (morning snack, soup, main course, afternoon snack, which is available until the end of the opening hours, children can choose to drink water or unsweetened tea)

Trips (a short trip once a month, a long trip twice a year)
Events for children
Events for parents and children
Logopedical prevention
Cooking hobby club
Dancing hobby club
Science hobby club
Sporting equipment
Celebrations (Christmas, Easter, St. Nicholas day etc.)
Birthday presents
Art materials
Educational and teaching aids
Classroom supplies, which is completed and added to every year
Basic hygienic supplies
singing (the hobby clubs may vary and are estimated for each school year)
theater and other performance